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Children whose parents who are actively involved in the activities and events that go on at school thrive academically and socially. We invite you to visit this page often to find out about all of the great things that happen at Hillcrest. From events to parenting tips to kudos, you’ll read all about it here.

Make Your Morning Routines Smooth

One way to ensure each day starts on the right foot is to end on the right foot the night before. Being prepared for your day allows your children to be more comfortable with their surroundings and takes stress out of their day at school. Here are some tips:

The night before

  • Check homework. Nothing is worse than realizing, on the way to school, that homework is incomplete. Even if your child says it is done, check it! Then, teach him to leave his backpack by the door so he remembers it in the morning.
  • Prepare lunches. A sure-fire way to cut back on morning stress is to get those lunches ready ahead of time. Pack lunches and leave them in the fridge until morning. Yours included.
  • Have your child pick out his clothes. This will prevent any arguments when it comes time to get dressed in the morning.
  • Establish a bedtime routine. Children that have an established bedtime wake up more easily in the morning. And, more rested, they are more cooperative as they get ready for school.

In the morning

  • Leave the TV off before school. The television is a sure-fire distraction.
  • Set a departure time. Let your child know what time you must leave the house to get to school on time. If necessary, pad the time by 10 minutes.
  • Keep it positive. Getting up and out the door in the mornings is difficult for nearly everyone. Give your child positive feedback and words of encouragement as he completes each morning task.

We all dream of weekends and school vacations to avoid the stress of getting ready in the morning. However, getting into a routine and sticking to it can minimize the hassle and anxiety that rushing often causes.